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Volume 26 (2015) Issue 2

New Marriage Trends: The Contemporary Marriage Anna Varga & Grazhina Budinayte

The Necessary Convergence of the Fields of Social Welfare, Therapeutic Care and theJudiciary as a Resilient System. Resilience Factors in a Teenage GirlFacing her Sexual Abuser in a French Assize Court Michel Wawrzyniak & Samuel Rassinon

Dominant Discourses about Change and the Impact of Restructuring on Power Relations in aStatutory Agency in UK  Chiara Santin

Relaxationet Hypnose en Thérapie Systemique de l’Enfant Raymond Traube

« C’est ce Soir qu’il Vient Dîner ? »  LAVISITE À DOMICILE en Pédopsychiatrie Courante Raymond Traube

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: How Families Talk about Psychological Phenomena, a 'Delicate' and 'Protected' Topic Katie Stiuart, Cordet Smart, Rudi Dallos & Fin Williams


Volume 26 (2015) Issue 3

Cultural mediation in Italy: An Encounter between Cultures Lorena Cavalieri

Accessing Refutee Children and Families in Schools through the Tree of Life: A Strength Based Approach to Mental Health Gillian Hughes

Working with Migrants in Italy: An Ethical Practice Based on Respect Umberta Telfener

Unaccompanied Refugee Young People: The Social and Cultural Construction of Identity Máire Stedman

Integrating Multiple Realities: A Systemic Action Research in the Context of Mental Health Systems Refugees and Asymul Seekers in Leeds Dzmitry Karpuk & Rupinder Kaur

When New Families Function as Grieving Systems: Clinical Implications Salvatore D'Amore

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