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Helga Hanks

Helga Hanks, BSc MSc DipPsych. AFBPsP (Chartered) Consultant Clinical Psychologist and in the Dept. of Community Paediatrics, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

Until 2006 Helga Hanks was a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychological Sciences, Leeds University. She is one of the founder members of the Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre (LFTRC) at Leeds University which came into existence in1979. She has been Clinical Director of the Centre until late 2005.  She is one of the core staff who developed the MSc in Family Therapy at the Institute of Psychological Sciences, Leeds University. Parallel to the involvement in family therapy she has worked in the area of child abuse and become well known working within a Paediatric setting. Her work in sexual abuse and failure to thrive is prominent. Together with a number of colleagues  she was also involved in founding the Expert Witness Group (EWG) which developed guidelines for expert witnesses in child abuse cases. She is presently involved in developing and undertaking a unique service related to supporting Paediatricians emotionally and psychologically when they work on the front line of child abuse. She has been on the Editorial Board of Human Systems since its inception and has edited Special Issues while publishing and researching widely in the areas of both family therapy and child abuse.