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Petros Polychronis

Petros I. Polychronis, M.D., Child-Psychiatrist, University of Athens Medical School.

Dr. Polychronis  is  presently  the  Director  of  the  Athenian Institute of Anthropos, where he is a Group and  Family  Therapist,  Senior  Trainer and  Supervisor. He is a visiting lecturer at Postgraduate programs at the Universities of Athens (Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy), Ioannina (Medical School Ongological Clinic, Programme on Pain and Palliative Care), and Thessaloniki (Mathematics Department on Web Science). Areas of Specialization : Family   Therapy   Training, Intervention Programs for Multi-problem Families. Training Programs for the Staff of Health and Educational Institutions, Group Therapy.

Special interests include: study of larger living systems (focusing on complexity, leadership, sustainability) and the consultation/training of their members, as well as  family therapy ‘through the individual’ and Systemic Family and Group Therapy with multi cultural  members.