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8th Congress, Istanbul 2013 - Special Volume

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Special Volume Contents:
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Issue 1 - Therapy: Theory and Practice   
Nora Bateson & Imelda McCarthy USA - Ireland An Ecology of Mind: Family Therapy in the Face of New Emerging Conditions  
Susan Johnson Canada Singing in the Marrow Bone: Working with Emotion in Couple Therapy 
Zeynep Zat & Emre Konuk Turkey Integration of Brief Strategic Family Therapy and EMDR in Treatment of Panic Disorder 
Alberto Penna & Laura Fino Italy Beneath the Words, Non Verbal Techniques in Couple Therapy 
Ged Smith  United Kingdom Working with Men in Systemic Therapy; Challenging Masculinities 
Dina Mousteri  Greece Brief Therapy through Dialogue: The Brief Systemic Dialogical Model 
Marie Jean Schon Luxembourg Family Sculptures with Sewing-Buttons. An Innovative Therapeutic Tool 
Nazli Akay  Turkey The Effects of Paternal Alcoholism on Oedipal Children 
Thomas Schwab & Jean-JacquesTillier France Reconnaissance et Trajectoire de Vie Avec/ Sans Et Hors L’alcool  
Jolyon Grimwade Australia Surface and Voice in Work with Families across Thirty Years 
Cecilia Edelstein  Italy Towards a Pluralistic Systemic Approach in Intercultural Therapies with Migrant People 
Μaria Lambraki & Νikos Paritsis  Greece Upgrading Students through the Application of Human Systems Therapy: Basic Characteristics of Human Systems Therapy 
Mark Haydon United Kingdom Family Therapy and Dis/ableism: Constructions of Disability in Family Therapy Literature 
Vaudan Christel  Switzerland Feedback Ritual in Brief Systemic Intervention: A Therapeutic Technique to Foster Alliance 
Nikolina Likomitrou, Aikaterini Mavroforou, Christina Moschakis & Varvara-Maria Nikolopoulou Greece Making Sense of Current Difficulties: Thematic Analysis of Clients’ Early Recollections as Autobiographical Stories 
Athanasopoulou Ioanna, Karampasi Maria, Kontoni Niki & Sarantidis Manos Greece Two Sides of Support in Crises. Narrative Insights into the Family Experiences of Clients (Poster Awarded as Most Innovative) 
Severine Bessero, Fabrice Chantraine, Manuel Tettamanti & Logos Curtis Switzerland Exploring the Impact of Family Interventions in First Episode Psychosis (Poster Awarded as Most Scientific) 
Andrea Mosconi, Monica Pezzolo & Barbara Trotta Italy Systemic-Relational Therapy and EMDR: Integrations and Connections Points Within the Hypothesizing Process 
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Manuals: a Secure Base for Playful Therapy? 
Issue 2 - Interventions and Applications   
Rengin Işık & Monica McGoldrick Turkey - USA The Power of Genograms: A Life-Cycle Perspective of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 
David Amias, Gillian Hughes & Sara Barratt United Kingdom Multi-layered Systemic and Narrative Interventions with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in a Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service 
Francesco Tramonti, Paolo Bongioanni & Bruno Rossi, Corrado Bogiolo  Italy Family Functioning in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 
Arlene Vetere  United Kingdom Working Systemically with Intimate Partner Violence: Attachment dilemmas, Risk and Responsibility 
Pier Giorgio Semboloni  Italy A Violent Child? 
Valerie O'Brien Ireland An Application of the Fifth Province Model to Kinship Care Networks 
G.Gkantona, Α. Υdreou, E. Lefkaditi & N. Paritsis  Greece Improving Adaptive Functioning of Ex-Hospitalized Adults with Severe Pervasive Developmental Disorders: A Control Study 
Fotini Michalaki-Dernikou & Michail Michalakis  Greece Combining Homeopathy Treatment with Psychotherapy 
Thomas Will  Switzerland Individual Systemic Therapy: Local Solutions For a Global Organisation. 
Julia Hardy, Katalin Barat & Klára Balogh Hungary “I cannot tell anyone, Hence I tell everyone”: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Through the Lens of Family Therapy – Different. Family Related Aspects and Functions of OCD 
Raul Medina Centeno Mexico Rebels with a Cause: “Active Resistance” as a Psychotherapeutic Resource in Adolescents with Eating Disorders 
Issue 3 - Research and Training   
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Influences on the Evidence Base and the Evidence Base as Political Influence 
Angela Specker, Dan Pokorny, Florian Juen & Anna Buchheim Austria - Germany Attachment Representations and Family Structures in the System of Foster Families 
May-Britt Solem Norway Parenting Practices – Understood as Situated Parenting  
Nur Karaman  Turkey Family Communication Patterns as Predictor of Premarital Relationship Assessment  
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Experiences in Measuring the Functioning of UK Families: The SCORE Index 
Athena Androutsopoulou, Tsabika Bafiti & George Kalarritis Greece The Enriched Systemic Perspective. S.A.N.E. Selected Training Guidelines for Clinical Practice.  
Ainne O’Reilly Ireland Discourses of Quality in Family Therapy training 
Era Moulaki, Maria Pirounaki–Lioni & Christos Ziouvas  Greece Trainees’ Perceptions on their Role as Developing Therapist/Counselors 
Elena Karkazi  Greece Βetween Resonance and Resilience, from Clinical Psychotherapy tο Institutional Context 
Kieran Vivian-Byrne & Billy Hardy  Wales Moving Beyond the Pale - Thresholds of Change and Transformation in Training and Therapy  
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