Guidelines for authors

Articles and material for review (books, training materials, video, DVDs, etc) should be sent to one of the Editors:

Professor Peter Stratton, Leeds Family Therapy & Research Centre, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, Charles Thackrah Building, University of Leeds, LS2 9LJ, UK. Email:

Kyriaki Polychroni, Athenian Institute of Anthropos, Epidavrou 9, Halandri, Athens 152 33, Greece. Email:

Articles submitted to Human Systems should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Contributions should be as concise as possible and should not normally exceed 5,000 words or the equivalent lineage, including tables and figures. The title should be brief but informative. If a longer title is needed, please supply a running title of not more than 60 characters. Each paper should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 200 words. Papers originating in a country whose first language is not English should also include a summary in the original language of not more than 400 words.

Papers should be in MS Word format, double spaced, with margins of not less than 3.5cm. Pages should be numbered consecutively. In the case that the layout of the article is complex, a single paper copy should also be sent by post to ensure that your layout is preserved.

Papers are refereed blind. The author’s name and full mailing address should therefore appear under the title on a separate page. The title and abstracts should appear on the first page of text.

Tables should be double spaced on separate pages, or spaced sufficiently to be distinct in the case of small tables. Diagrams, graphs, drawings and half-tone illustrations should be on a separate page labeled ‘Fig.1’ and so forth. Each page should carry, at the top, the title of the article. Unless printable directly from a Word file, they should be submitted as artwork for photographic reproduction, larger than the intended size. Where more than one figure is submitted, they should as far as possible be in the same scale.

References in the text should cite the author’s name followed by the date of publication unless there are more than two authors where only the first author’s name should be given followed by ‘et. al.’. References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by first author, with titles of articles, books and journals given in full, as shown:
Ferenczi, S. (1949). Confusion of tongues between the adult and the child, International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 30, 225-230.
Hoffman, L (1981). Foundations of Family Therapy, Basic Books, New York.
Tomm, K. (1999). Co-constructing Responsibility. In S. McNamee, K. Gergen, et al (ed.), Relational Responsibility: Resources for Sustainable Dialogue, Sage, California.

Copyright: It is the author’s responsibility to obtain copyright clearance for any content quoted in their article. Papers are considered on the understanding that on acceptance, copyright of the content is the property of the author, but copyright of the Journal compilation passes to the publishers of the Journal.

For more guidance on general aspects of manuscript preparation, authors should consult APA or BPS Manuals for Contributors. More extensive Notes for Contributor and the Journal’s Notes for Referees can be obtained from the Editors.
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