Volume 16 (2005)

Special Issue
Gianfranco Cecchin

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TitleAuthorPP.PDF Full Paper
TitleAuthorPP.PDF Full Paper
Editorial Helga Hanks, Peter Stratton & Susan Lang 001-004 full text download 
Dialogically Constructing Gianfranco Cecchin Pater Stratton and Helga Hanks 005-012 full text download 
Gianfranco you Keep me Smiling! Ideas from a Conference in Arhus Elspeth McAdam 013-016 full texy download 
Poetics of the Milan School. A Rememberance of Gianfranco Cecchin Pietro Barbetta 017-024 full text download 
The Importance of Becoming Curious Rodolfo de Bernart 025-026 full text download 
Making Sense: Lessons from Gianfranco Cecchin's work Laura Fruggeri 027-030 full text download 
The Ethical Play of Ireverence in Deconsreuction and Family Therapy Glann Larner 031-044 full text download 
Investigating the Therapist's Position. A critical reappraisal of Gianfranco Cecchin's writings Paolo Bertrando 045-058 full text download 
Prisoner of the Systemic Metaphor - Honoring Gianfranco Cecchin Allan Holmgren 059-064 full text download 
Systemic Fluidity: Therapeutic Knowledge and the Importance of Irreverence in Therapeutic Practice Maria Nichterlein 065-074 full text download 
Curiosity and Irreverence: Constructing Therapeutic Possobilities Sheila McNamee 075-084 full text download 
Gianfranco, the go-between Mony Elkaim 085-086 full text download 
From Milan to the Fifth Province: The Legacy of Gianfranco Cecchin Imelda McCarthy 087-094 full text download 
Excuse me, Gianfranco, you left this behind...sime ideas and influences Billy Hardy, Brenda Cox, Jeff Faris & Vivian Byrne 095-104 full text download 
In Memory of Gianfranco Cecchin Lynn Hoffman 105-106 full text download 
Showing 15 items