Special Double Set - Tribute to KCC 

Pioneering Human Systems for 21 years:
Celebrating Two Decades of Seminal Articles, a Tribute to KCC

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The Intellectual Legitimacy of Participatory Action Research: Its Grounding in "The Interactive Moment" John Shotter 534-562 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
From Observers to Conversers: A Critical Appreciation of Humberto Maturana John W. Lannamann & John Shotter 612-627 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Culture, Class, Race and Gender Monica McGoldrick 314-338 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Stories Giving Account and Systemic Descriptions. Perspectives and Positions in Conversations. Commentary Feeding and Fanning the Winds of Creative Imagination Peter Lang & Elspeth McAdam 351-382 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
A Child-Aware Approach in Systemic Practice Viv Gross 383-395 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Editorial Peter Stratton, Helga Hanks, Peter Lang & Susan Lang 006-010 Download fulltext  
"Living Moments" in Dialogical Exchanges John Shotter & Arlene Katz 444-460 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Eccentricity and Intolerance: A Systemic Critique Gianfranco Cecchin, Gerry Lane & Wendel Ray 693-711 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Dialogue is the Change: Understanding Psychotherapy as a Semiotic Process Jaakko Seikkula 521-533 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
From Systems to Discourse Lynn Hoffman 014-017 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Language and Action: Wittgengstein and Dewey in the Practice of Therapy and Consultation Vernon Cronen & Peter Lang 271-313 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Learning as Collaborative Conversation: Combining the Student's and Teacher's Expertise Harlene Anderson & Susan Swim 203-221 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Resonance in Supervision and Training Mony Elkaim 653-663 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Microanalysis of Communication Janet Beavin Bavelas, Dan McGee, Bruce Phillips & Robin Routledge 471-495 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Ending Discourses: Implications for Relationships and Action in Therapy Glenda Fredman & Caroline Dalal 418-433 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Not to Forget Tom Andersen's Way of Being Tom Andersen: The Importance of What "Just Happens" to Us John Shotter 627-652 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
The Center of the Human Being is to Be Found in Conversation Annika Forsmark 496-508 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Approach-Method-Technique: Making Distinctions and Creating Connections John Burnham 123-148 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Narrative-ating: Future Dreams in Present Living Peter Lang & Elspeth McAdam 396-408 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Language and Change: The Use of Keywords in Therapy Luigi Boscolo, Paolo Bertrando R., Meri Palvarini & Jaqueline Pereira 187-202 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Social Construction in Question Kenneth Gergen 149-168 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Circular Questions and Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory Vernon Cronen, Peter Lang & Susan Lang 664-692 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
One Sentence of Five Lines about Creating Meaning: In Perspective of Relationship, Prejudice and Bewitchment Preliminary Attempts to Explicate Some Thoughts that Everybody Already Have Somehow Thought of Tom Andersen 434-443 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
The Aim of Therapy is to Generate Dialogue Jaakko Seikkula 169-186 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
From Constructivism to Social Constructionism and Doing Critical Therapy Rozanne Leppington 049-074 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
How Families and Therapists Construct Meaning Through Anticipatory Schemas Peter Stratton 563-576 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Abusing Norms: Welfare Families and a Fifth Province Stance Imelda Colgan McCarthy 339-350 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
The Systemic Proffesional: Domains of Action and the Question of Neutrality Peter Lang, Martin Little & Vernon Cronen 018-033 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Working with the "Self" of the Therapist in Consultation Elsa Jones 509-520 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Dialogically Constructing Gianfranco Cecchin Peter Stratton & Helga Hanks 602-611 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Metaphors in Regions of Unlikeness Peggy Penn 461-470 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Perspective-Why Does Systemic Consultation Need a New Journal? Peter Stratton 010-013 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Controlling Child Sexual Abuse: An Effort Doomed to Failure Catherine Marneffe 115-122 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Systemic Supervision John Burnham 235-270 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
A Reconnaissance of CMM Research J. Keavin Barge & Barnett Pearce 577-601 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Power and Influence in Systems Consultation Alan Carr 034-048 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Towards Position of Safe Uncertainty Barry Mason 222-234 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect Patricia M. Crittenden 075-093 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
Editorial Kyriaki Polychroni, Petros Polychronis & Peter Stratton 409-417 Download Abstract  
Incorporating Circularity in Defining and Classifying Child Maltreatment Peter Stratton & Helga Hanks 094-114 Download Abstract PDF ACCESS 
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