Volume 5 (1994)
Issues 3-4

Special Issue:
Poverty and Social Exclusion
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Editorial Imelda Colgan McCarthy 127-129 Full text download 
Culturem Class, Race and Gender Monica McGordrick 131-153 Full text download 
Just Now I'd Like to Be Called Myra Myra McGuirck and Nollaig Byrne 155-168 Full text download 
Gender and Poverty as Contexts for Depression Elsa Jones 169-183 Full text download 
Ask and You Shall Receive: A One Way Street? Bernadette O’Sullivan 185-190 Full text download 
Some Central Ideas in the "Just Therapy" Approach Charles Waldegrave & Kiwi Tamasese 191-208 Full text download 
Living and Working in a Poor Community Jo Kennedy 209-218 Full text download 
The Family We Live and The Family We Think Helosia R. Szymanski Gomes 219-228 Full text download 
Abusing Norms: Welfare Families and a Fifth Province Stance Imelda Colgan McCarthy 229-239 Full text download 
Therapy With the Culturally Different Adela Garcia 241-251 Full text download 
Working With Families in Institutions for Juvenile Offenders: An Ecosystemic Model for the Development of Family Involvement  Yoel Elizur 253-265 Full text download 
Focusing the Network: Multicultural Experiences from the Crisis Unit in Botkyrka, Sweden Gunnar Forsverg and Johan Wallmark 267-282 Full text download 
Rehabiliation, Child Abuse and Poverty: A Quintet of Problems Entailed by the Dominant Discourse Alan Carr 283-292 Full text download 
Responding to Mental Health Needs: The Indian Dilemma Clyde M. Murhy 293-303 Full text download 
Who is Customer for Social Service: Some Risks for Abusive Practices in the transition to Purchaser - Provider Systems in Swedish Social Services Ernst Salamon 305-318 Full text download 
Poverty and Social Services Laura Fruggeri and Massimo Matteini 319-336 Full text download 
Showing 16 items