Volume 8 Issue 2

from Post-Graduate Qualifying Courses
in Systemic Family Therapy
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Editorial Peter Stratton 73-76 Click to Download 
The Relationship of Clients to Systemic Therapy and Therapists Section 1 75  
What Accounts do People give of the First Session of Therapy in Relation to the Decision to Continue? BARBARA McKAY 77-79 Click to Download 
A Study of Pre Treatment Preparation and Anxiety in Clients referred to a New Family Therapy Service LINDA JACOBS 78 Click to Download 
The Effects of the Clinical Relationship in Family Therapy GED SMITH 79 Click to Download 
To What Extent do Therapists and Clients Begin Their Relationship with Shared Objectives and Ideas about Family Therapy? Does this Change Over Time? RON GRAVES 80 Click to Download 
A Pilot Study to Assess whether Clients and their Relatives Experience Less Anxiety when Referred to a Community Mental Health Team in a Family Therapy Approach is Used SUSAN H.PETTY 81 Click to Download 
The Client's View of the Reflecting Team: A Single Case Study OLGA LEVITT 82 Click to Download 
Where Have They Got To? Family Work in a Child Protections Team LIZ RUGG 83 Click to Download 
Co-ordinating Different Times CAROL POOLE 84 Click to Download 
A Social Contructionist Exploration of a Sexually Abused Man's Dilemmas in Using Therapy SHEILA LAUCHLAN 35-38 Click to Download 
Children and Family Structure Section 2 86  
The Signifigance of Belief Systems in Child Protections Agreements PHILIPPE MANDIN 89 Click to Download 
Fostering Identities ANN FAUSSET 90 Click to Download 
Literacy as Authobiography: A Case Study of a White Workign Class Boy and his Family Developing Stories of his Literacy PATSY WAY 91 Click to Download 
Children in Transition: A Systemic Approach to Secondary Transfer RITA McGRATH 92 Click to Download 
Reaching Out: An Outcome Study of Adolescents attending for Systemic Therapy at A Family Centre in West London CATHERINE RODGER 93 Click to Download 
Perceptions of Parenting: Do Childhood Recollections of Relationship with Parents Affect Individuals Perceptions of Their Own Parenting? A Pilot Study ROSEMARY ROBERTS 94 Click to Download 
MINORITY RACES Section 3 95  
Reflections on the Account of Professionals Working with the Bangladeshi Community JO JACKSON 97 Click to Download 
Black Families with Black Therapists: A Discussion on Colour Matching in Family Therapy Practice SHARON BOND 98 Click to Download 
Factors Affecting Disclosure of HIV Status to Family Members Amongst Ugandan Seekers in the UK DERVAL MURRAY 99 Click to Download 
The Refugee Families Referred to the Child and Family Consultations Service. An Outing Study PARI FARZIM 101 Click to Download 
A Systemic Framework for Working with Couples and Schizophrenia BETTY DRURY 105 Click to Download 
Surfing Social Worlds: Living Accounts of Competence in a Hospice Setting ALISON ROBERTS 106 Click to Download 
Reflexive Accounting: Stories of Alcoholics anonymous, Alanon and Couples who use Them SHEILA ROCHE 107 Click to Download 
Schizophrenia, Families and the Community Mental Health Team. Are Family Interventions useful, needed or wanted? RON McGARVEY 108 Click to Download 
Family Backgrounds of Adolescent Males who Kill ANDREW HILL-SMITH 110 Click to Download 
A Social Contruction of Carers PAUL MAHER 111 Click to Download 
An Episode of 'Primary Participatory Research': How Moving into the Position of 'Participating Researcher' Brought Forth New Narratives of Legitimacy and Responsibility for a Former Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Patient AMANDA JONES 112 Click to Download 
Women and Men in Conversation'. A Study of Interruptions in Same-Sex And Cross-Sex Exchanges in Family Therapy  JACQULINE STRATFORD 115 Click to Download 
Representations of Gender in Family Therapy, Performance and Repertoires GRAHAM LEE 116 Click to Download 
Gender Reflections in Therapy JOHN QUINN 117 Click to Download 
Lesbians, Gay Men and Family Therapy: A Contradiction in Terms? MAEVE MALLEY 118 Click to Download 
Therapist Recognition of 'In Home' Parental Separation ALAN HUDSON 119 Click to Download 
Exploring Therapeutic Change: A CMM Approach to Working with An Episode of Lesbian Violence CAROLINE PRIEST 120 Click to Download 
Where Does the Father Figure? Therapists' Consideration of Mothers and Fathers in Children's Psychopathology TRISH EVANS 121 Click to Download 
Family Group Conferences: Am Investigation into Families Considered for a Pilot Project in a South London Borough ROBERT McCANDLESS 125 Click to Download 
What do Experienced Family Therapists do in First Session Interviews with Families? MARIE McBRIDE 126 Click to Download 
The Distance between Families' Maps and Therapists' Maps and its Influence on Therapeutic Engagement ALI EL-HADI 127 Click to Download 
The Process Question: A Moment of Opportunity for the Development of Reflexivity? LESLEY BIRCHALL 128 Click to Download 
Co-ordination within a Marketing Context: A Case Study SURI POULOS 129 Click to Download 
Going on' Together: A Case Study in the Social Constructions of Team Work MIRIAM RICHARDSON 130 Click to Download 
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