8th Congress, Istanbul 2013 - Special Volume

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Special Volume Contents:
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AuthorCountryTitleN. article
AuthorCountryTitleN. article
Dina Mousteri  Greece Brief Therapy through Dialogue: The Brief Systemic Dialogical Model 1.06 
Elena Karkazi  Greece Βetween Resonance and Resilience, from Clinical Psychotherapy tο Institutional Context 3.10 
Fotini Michalaki-Dernikou, Michail Michalakis  Greece Combining Homeopathy Treatment with Psychotherapy 2.08 
Francesco Tramonti, Paolo Bongioanni, Bruno Rossi, Corrado Bogiolo  Italy Family Functioning in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 2.03 
Alberto Penna, Laura Fino Italy Beneath the Words, Non Verbal Techniques in Couple Therapy 1.04 
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Experiences in Measuring the Functioning of UK Families: The SCORE Index 3.06 
Era Moulaki, Maria Pirounaki–Lioni, Christos Ziouvas  Greece Trainees’ Perceptions on their Role as Developing Therapist/Counselors 3.09 
Julia Hardy  Hungary “I cannot tell anyone, Hence I tell everyone”: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Through the Lens of Family Therapy – Different. Family Related Aspects and Functions of OCD 2.11 
Zeynep Zat, Emre Konuk Turkey Integration of Brief Strategic Family Therapy and EMDR in Treatment of Panic Disorder 1.03 
Nur Karaman  Turkey Family Communication Patterns as Predictor of Premarital Relationship Assessment  3.04 
Nazli Akay  Turkey The Effects of Paternal Alcoholism on Oedipal Children 1.08 
Vana Nikolopoulou Greece Making Sense of Current Difficulties: Thematic Analysis of Clients’ Early Recollections as Autobiographical Stories 3.05 
Issue 3 - Research and Training   3.00 
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Influences on the Evidence Base and the Evidence Base as Political Influence 3.01 
Vaudan Christel  Switzerland Feedback Ritual in Brief Systemic Intervention: A Therapeutic Technique to Foster Alliance 1.13 
Anne O’Reilly Ireland Discourses of Quality in Family Therapy training 3.08 
Kieran Vivian-Byrne & Billy Hardy  Wales Moving Beyond the Pale - Thresholds of Change and Transformation in Training and Therapy  3.11 
Arlene Vetere  United Kingdom Working Systemically with Intimate Partner Violence: Attachment dilemmas, Risk and Responsibility 2.04 
Joylon Grimwade Australia Surface and Voice in Work with Families across Thirty Years 1.10 
Issue 1-Therapy: Theory and Practice   1.00 
Ged Smith  United Kingdom Working with Men in Systemic Therapy; Challenging Masculinities 1.05 
Peter Stratton United Kingdom Manuals: a secure base for playful therapy? 2.12 
David Amias, Gillian Hughes, Sara Barratt United Kingdom Multi-layered Systemic and Narrative Interventions with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in a Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service 2.02 
May-Britt Solem Norway Parenting Practices – Understood as Situated Parenting  3.03 
Marie Jean Schon Luxembourg Family Sculptures with Sewing-Buttons. An Innovative Therapeutic Tool 1.07 
Georgia Gkantona, Α. Υdreou, E. Lefkaditi, N. Paritsis  Greece Improving Adaptive Functioning of Ex-Hospitalized Adults with Severe Pervasive Developmental Disorders: A Control Study 2.07 
Angela Specker, Dan Pokorny, Florian Juen, Anna Buchheim Austria - Germany Attachment Representations and Family Structures in the System of Foster Families 3.02 
Mark Haydon United Kingdom Family Therapy and Dis/ableism: Constructions of Disability in Family Therapy Literature 1.12 
Andrea Mosconi, Monica Pezzolo, Barbara Trotta Italy Systemic-Relational Therapy and EMDR: Integrations and Connections Points Within the Hypothesizing Process 2.10 
Pier Giorgio Semboloni  Italy A Violent Child? 2.05 
Nora Bateson, Imelda McCarthy USA - Ireland An Ecology of Mind: Family Therapy in the Face of New Emerging Conditions  1.01 
Thomas Will  Switzerland Individual Systemic Therapy: Local Solutions For a Global Organisation. 2.09 
Susan Johnson Canada Singing in the Marrow Bone: Working with Emotion in Couple Therapy 1.02 
Cecilia Edelstein  Italy Towards a Pluralistic Systemic Approach in Intercultural Therapies with Migrant People 1.11 
Raul Medina Centeno Mexico Rebels with a cause: “Active Resistance” as a Psychotherapeutic Resource in Adolescents with Eating Disorders 2.13 
Μaria Lambraki, Νikos. Paritsis  Greece Upgrating Students through the Application of Human Systems Therapy: Basic Characteristics of Human Systems Therapy 2.06 
Rengin Işık, Monica McGoldrick Turkey - USA The Power of Genograms: A Life-Cycle Perspective of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 2.01 
Issue 2 - Interventions and Applications   2.00 
Athena Androutsopoulou, Tsabika Bafiti, George Kalarritis  Greece The Enriched Systemic Perspective. S.A.N.E. Selected Training Guidelines for Clinical Practice.  3.07 
Thomas Schwab, Jean-JacquesTillier France Reconnaissance et Trajectoire de Vie Avec/ Sans Et Hors L’alcool  1.09 
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