Credit Card Payment (step by step guide)

Return to subscription form in English or in Greek.

Step 1:
To subscribe to the Journal and proceed to payment by credit card please fill in the on-line form in English or Greek.

All personal data entered in this form are considered as confidential and will be strictly used for your subscription to Hymans Systems Journal.

Please, keep a record of your order as you will not have the opportunity to review it.
This information is needed during the following step.


Step 2: At this step your information has been submitted.

In order to complete your subscription you have to proceed to payment by clicking to the hyperlink.

Please, before proceeding to payment, be sure that you have submitted all your information successfully.

Step 3:
Please choose the number of years and the type of subscription you wish to receive. Please be sure that your choice is compatible with what you ordered at the previous step.

This form just calculates the total amount of money for which you will be charged for at the next step. No credit card details are yet required except the credit card's holder name (top of the page). Please fill it in correcly and exactly as it appears on your credit card.
The e-mail should be the same as the one you entered in the subscription form (step 1).

You can cancel the payment process by pressing the "cancel" button at the end of the page.


Step 4:
Fill in your credit details: credit card number, CVV2/CVC2 and expiration date. The rest of the fields will be automatically filled in by the data you entered at the previous step and cannot be changed here.

Only payments with Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Once you press the "pay" button your transaction will be processed.

A page will then appear, confirming your successfull subscription payment. In the case your subscription payment has not been made successfully, a page informing you of this will appear.

Once a payment has been successfully made, no refunding is possible.