Allan Holmgren

Allan Holmgren

Allan Holmgren was born in 1953 and gained a degree as (like PhD) in psychology from Copenhagen University in 1981.

He is founder (1990) and director of DISPUK, Snekkersten & Aarhus, Denmark, (a narrative and poststructuralist training centre) and since 2006 is adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School.

He has written extensively on therapy, supervision, coaching, leadership and consultancy. He is much sought after as an International speaker on narrative therapy (e.g. 1st European Conference on Narrative Therapy, Brighton, 2009)

DISPUK (Danish language site - is one of the world's leading narrative therapy centres that provides workshops, training and supervision to about 300 people every year in Denmark.

DISPUK also works with international partners in England, Canada and Australia to provide internationally recognised training in narrative therapy and practice.