Annette Kreuz

Annette Kreuz, Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Centre for Family Therapy, Fase 2 Valencia Spaim.

Annette Kreuz was born in Germany and studied Psychology in the Ruhr  University   Ruhr, Bochum. Ever since she married, she  lives and works in Valencia (Spain).  She became  a clinical Psychologist, and is accredited as Psychotherapist , trainer  and Supervisor  in Family Therapy  in Valencia. She is honorary  and founding member of the Valencian Association for Family Therapy. Since 1992 she  is the director of a training centre in Family Therapy that offers basic, advanced and continuous training and supervision. She  participates with lectures and workshops in different Masters and  training Institutes all over Spain. She has been general secretary of several  important  Spanish  and international Federations, including EFTA ( European Family therapy Association,  FEAP ( Federación Española de Asociaciones de Psicoterapia etc. , and FEATF ( Federation Española de Asociaciones de Terapia Familiar)

Her main interest in the field of family and systems therapy is to reach a broader understanding of the bio-pycho-sociological model of human behaviour and change and how to help families and systems  to get “unstuck”. She is totally convinced that  good feedback helps organize  research,  therapy and training, and in fact, life in general. If you like mail feedback to: