Elspeth McAdam

Elspeth McAdam  Child and Family Psychiatrist and systemic therapist

Elspeth McAdam recently retired from the UK National Health Service after 30years. In her NHS work she has used systemic, narrative and appreciative practices in working with tough situations. She has specialised in working with children who are on the criminal edge and also families in which there has been violence or child sexual abuse. She supervises all over Europe in complex situations where therapists or families have felt unable to move forward.

More recently she has become more interested in working with communities. She has worked with schools and with large groups of young marginalised people, using these ideas to energise and validate them giving a sense of hope to their lives. She has recently published a book about work in schools with Peter Lang.

She has written a manual for people who are HIV positive to become agents of change in the fight against the virus and its psychological consequences.

She enjoys life, playing tennis, walking and a glass or two of wine as well as the new identity of being a grandparent.