Monica McGoldrick

Monica McGoldrick, M.A., LCSW, Ph.D. (h.c.).

Monica McGoldrick is the Director of the Multicultural Family Institute in Highland Park, New Jersey, and on the faculty of UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical school. She has a BA from Brown University, a MA in Russian Studies from Yale University, an M.S.W and Honorary Doctorate from Smith College School for Social Work. Fourth generation Irish American, married to a Greek immigrant, she was raised in a family in which her closest emotional connection was to her African American caretaker, Margaret Bush. She grew up knowing very little about her roots, but coming through her family therapy work to believe deeply in the importance of connections to family and cultural history. Dr. McGoldrick is known internationally for her writings and teaching on topics including culture, class, gender, the family life cycle, loss, family patterns (genograms), remarried families, and sibling relationships. Her videotape of clinical work with a multicultural family around issues of loss is one of the most widely respected in the field. Several of her books have become best selling classics of their publishers: Ethnicity and Family Therapy, now in its 3rd edition, co-edited with Joe Giordano and Nydia Garcia Preto; The Expanded Family Life Cycle, 2005, soon going into a 4th edition, co-edited with Betty Carter and Nydia Garcia Preto; Genograms: Assessment and Intervention, in a 3rd edition, co-edited with Sueli Petry; Women in Families,  Living Beyond Loss:  Death in the Family, 2nd edition, co-edited with Froma Walsh and Revisioning Family Therapy: Race, Culture, and Gender in Clinical Practice, recently published in a 2nd edition, co-edited with Ken Hardy. Her book You Can Go Home Again: Understanding Family Relationships translates her ideas about family relationships for a popular audience, using examples such as Beethoven, Groucho Marx, Sigmund Freud and the Kennedys.