Nevena Calocska-Herztog

Nevena Calovska Hertzog,MD,PhD,ECP, Psychiatrist and family therapist from Belgrade.

Current secretary general of EFTA, member of EFTA TIC Board, heading Association of Systemic Therapists, training organization in Belgrade which is an EFTATIC full member and also an EAPTI - European Acredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (acredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy).

She is also secratary general of the Serbian national association of psychtherapeutic associations.It is through these organizations that over fifteen reknown family therapist visited Belgrade and held teaching seminars during past three years.

Recently, Nevena Calovska Hertzog has joined teaching staff at the Faculty for Media and Communication, Department for Psychology and Psychotherapy where she is lecturing Master course in psychotherapy, which is the first psychotherapy training University based.Her efforts are aimed at joining already ongoing psychotherapy training in different centers with the University trainings, all in comprehensive national campaign at establishing psychotherapy as an independent and legalized  profession, along with the principles of the Strasbourg Declaration.

Dr Calovska has been recognized for mobilizing her trainees in family therapy , from Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to both form profesional organizations and establish training schools which she further supports in their endeavours to join EFTA.