Yveline Rey

Yveline Rey, PhD, Clinical psychologist and family therapist.

Professor Yveline Rey at the present time is the director of CERAS of GRENOBLE- FRANCE (Center of Studies and Research in Systemic Approach). She is member of the board of the SFTF (French Society of Family Therapy) and also member of the board of EFTA CIM. She co-organizes the 7th congress of EFTA in PARIS (October 2010). She has contributed, in collaboration with Philippe CAILLE, to develop an original methodology in systemic therapy: the floating objects.
Her two most signifiant contributions in research are:
- How to think of emotion in systemic approach. (She published various papers on this theme in the revue “Thérapie familiale, Genève”)
- She developed a narrative method in familily therapy, using of systemic tale with couple and family in therapy.
Main publications are:
-Caillé P., Rey Y. (2004). Les objets flottants, méthodologie systémique de la relation d’aide. FABERT Ed. Paris.
-Rey Y. (2005). Conversation avec un samovar : objets et sentiments, quel héritage ?L’HARMATTAN Ed., Paris.
-Rey Y ans L. Halin (2008). Prendre place : la famille, l’école, la thérapie.FABERT Ed., Paris.
-Rey Y. (2010). Quand les mots ne peuvent dire les maux : de l’utilité des objets en thérapie familiale. In Famille et Résilience (dir. B. Cyrulnik et M. Delage). O. JACOB Ed., Paris.